Billing Options

Billing Options

What Will It Cost?

Legal representation is not always a luxury; it is often a necessity.  Legal fees can overwhelm the small-business budget and can stretch the financial budgets of even well-heeled corporations.  We want to put our experience and skills to work for you in a way that makes business sense.  Legal representation, like any other business expense, should provide value to you or your enterprise. 

Each client's interests and needs are different.  Billable-hour-based fee structures are available for clients who prefer to pay according to time spent on their case or transaction.  Time is the measure of how much it will cost to achieve your litigation or transaction goals. 

We feature value-based legal representation.  Value-pricing options can take many forms according to your needs and interests.  If budgeting certainty, incremental goals, or performance-based work is important to you, we will set up a billing method suited to you.  Agreements can take the form of fixed fees, capped billables, task-based fees, interim objectives and milestones, performance-based hold-backs or bonuses, work units, or pre-determined conditions tied to success fees.  We will work with you to devise fee structures that consider your objectives, case complexity, experience, litigation costs, optimal staffing, and legal and business environments.

Hourly Rate Billing

Litigation and legal representation can be costly.  Many clients are comfortable with traditional hourly billable payment structures.  The billable hour payment method is suitable to many businesses and many types of legal work.  We acknowledge that preference and strive to provide cost-effective legal services within the parameters of that billing method.  Our standard billing cycle is monthly, with itemized, detailed accounting for each timekeeper's work and time spent on your matter.

Value Pricing

In these challenging economic times budgets are tight.  More and more clients are demanding value and efficiency in their legal services.  That's why we embrace and offer innovative billing solutions.  We believe that the best representation in any given case comes from collaboration drawing on all the resources in our office.  That means using manpower and technology effectively.    Here is why you might consider this approach:


Budgetary certainty - fee amounts, fee structures, and due dates are agreed to in advance, subject to modification if necessary

  • Tailored approach based on client objectives - what are your goals?
  • Value-oriented work - time alone is not the measure of cost
  • Cost efficiency - mega-firm results without mega-firm overhead
  • Work is performed with most-knowledgeable staff in collaborative team approach
  • Emphasis is on quality and results, not just time 
  • Client relationships feature trust
  • Collaboration and team-work are not penalized; they are rewarded
  • Value is based on performance, creativity, and results

If you are interested in paying for legal services using non-billable hour options, contact us to discuss how we will tailor a value-based pricing approach for your situation.