What We Do

What We Do

We represent clients (individuals, small businesses, corporations, entities) in business relationships, professional matters, and through all stages of litigation, up through and including administrative hearings, professional boards, trials, and appeals.  Our analytical and litigation proficiencies apply to issues and disputes that arise in any context. 

Litigation Services

CYCN lawyers love to prepare cases for trial.  That attitude and preparation lead to advantageous dismissals, settlements, successful motions, and narrowing of issues to be tried.  We recognize that victory does not always mean winning through trial.  Sometimes the best victories are those that occur outside the courtroom.  Winning may mean staying out of court.  We are solution-oriented and will work with you to provide cost-effective value based legal representation to achieve your goals.

CYCN trial lawyers have collectively tried hundreds of jury and bench trials in all levels of Arizona courts and in Federal District courts.  Simply put, we know our way around the courtroom.  It's not all art and it's not all science.  We know how to get evidence before the jury, and we know how to keep it out.  We know how to meaningfully instruct and argue the facts and the law to judges and juries.  We understand the psychology of jury perception and we use technology to present high-impact evidence designed to persuade.  CYCN lawyers connect with juries on complex issues with innovative multi-media presentations in the courtroom. 

Business and Professional Matters

CYCN transactional lawyers represent individuals, professionals, small businesses, companies, and corporations in every-day commercial transactions, employment matters, real estate deals, licensing actions, insurance matters, lending, and contractual obligations.  We counsel, we advise, we draft documents.  We help you make things happen, we get the deal done, and we're there for you after the deal is done. 

Legal Concierge

If you expect to have legal questions or need legal advice on a sustained basis, you might benefit from an ongoing relationship that provides regular access to legal counsel.  Would it be advantageous to your business to pick up the phone or send an email to ask for legal advice without "running the billing clock"?  With concierge services you can pay a set fee in advance and get legal information and guidance for a predetermined length of time (3 months, 6 months, 12 months).  It's like having in-house counsel for answers to routine legal questions.  This does not include legal services such as litigation, document drafting, or major transactions.  We will work with you to arrive at a concierge plan that suits your circumstances.